Referring Attorneys

A significant portion of our practice is based on referrals from other attorneys. While every trial attorney claims to 'welcome referrals,' we truly value these inquiries, and recognize these associations form the backbone of our case load.

We have no 'hard and fast' rules for consideration of referrals, and recognize each case is different, as are the needs of referring counsel. We understand and respect your relationship with your client. In most cases our association is 'seamless' from the clients point of view. We encourage and support referring counsel maintain a close relationship with his or her client and remain the primary conduit for communication.

The need for referral can vary as much as the facts of your case. In many situations we offer a specialized niche, such as medical malpractice, an area that can be daunting for those without extensive prior experience in this specialized field of tort law. We bring the ability to quickly get to the heart of medical issues, together with extensive experience with a wide variety of expert witnesses, and a proven ability to retain the critical witnesses needed. Most important, we know how to speak their language and communicate the essential elements of your case.

Fee Sharing
Catastrophic cases require significant capital to finance. We recognize taking on the wrong case can be catastrophic in and of itself. We expect and appreciate referring attorneys provide us their own candid evaluation of any given case, but we also offer 'another set of eyes' by undertaking our own tailored review personally utilizing insight gained from hundreds of prior, similar cases, as well as the rigorous scrutiny a defendant and their insurance company will bring to the table -- all at no charge to you or your client, and certainly with no obligation.

Fee Sharing is based on similar considerations, and always subject to Rules of Professional Conduct. Our fee sharing agreements are individualized and based on a number of factors, but the overwhelming percentage of referrals typically fall within a fee sharing range of 25 - 50%. And we promise you this: first, referral will never result in an added cost to your client; second, we'll have a definitive, written agreement with you and your client, and there should never be a fee misunderstanding.

We recognize litigation and trial work are unique undertakings, and the distinct difference between the practices of a lawyer and a trial lawyer. We're comfortable with the litigation process and the challenge of trial when it proves necessary. But a fundamental reason for our success has been the ability to obtain good outcomes without trial, based on our thorough preparation and our perceived willingness to take your case to trial if needed.

We welcome your referral and would treat it as a compliment.

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